Earth Team’s First Visit to the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge

IMG_2428For their second meeting of the year, Antioch Earth Team visited the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge to get some hands on experience with the species living there.  The interns spent 2 hours exploring both sites within the refuge, and learning how to expertly identify juvenile Antioch Dunes Evening-Primrose and Contra Costa Wallflower.

The interns were able to see the sites and species that they learned about the prior week in the classroom.  Although not all of the species talked about were present or mature, the students had the chance to see and identify many Antioch Dunes Evening Primroses, some of which were small and some of which had grown quite large.  They also had the chance to see and learn about more invasive species, including winter vetch, a variety of thistles, and tobacco trees.

Being on site at the Dunes was a great opportunity for the team to ask questions with a better perspective.  Students were inquisitive about all of the other plans present at the site, and learned about many species beyond the endangered plants.

This weekend, interns will return to the site to do restoration work in an effort to protect the important species at the Antioch Dunes!

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