Kennedy Earth Team Celebrates their Accomplishments!


The year has come to an end! This year, Kennedy Earth Team met 44 times this year, completing about 120 hours of education and training, including 17 field visits. Interns blew up 100 balloons, measured, and cut over 2000 feet of string for their data visualization project.

The highlights of this year were the Coastal Cleanup Day, Bay Area Mural Festival, visiting Bay Area Air Quality Management District, biking at Pinole Shoreline and exploring data visualization through art.

Coastal Cleanup Day –  Students enjoyed creating and playing games with young people to educate about litter

Bay Area Mural Festival – Students helped design and paint a mural in their community to bring awareness to environmental issues

BAAQMD – Students had the opportunity to read meteorology maps and learn about applied chemistry

Data visualization – Students explored communicating data through art

Biking – Students got outside to have fun, and some were even inspired to start biking more for recreation and commuting!

Earth Team gave me a chance to expand my knowledge toward environmental issues. Before this internship opportunity I wasn’t aware of environmental events occurring in the world. More importantly, I learned people in my community are getting hurt from simple things like driving a car. This is due to the CO2 emitted into the air, which causes air pollution. That why it’s important to know things like this, to hopefully put an end to unfortunate things like air pollution. – Cherymae

Great job Kennedy Interns!


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