LPS Richmond Earth Team Celebrates their 2017-18 Accomplishments!


The year has come to an end! This semester LPS Richmond Earth Team met 21 times, completing about 55 hours of education and training, including 9 field visits! Interns blew up 100 balloons, and sewed a map!

The highlights of this semester were the YES Conference, Tree planting at Wanlass Park, and attending an Environmental Youth Forum.

YES Conference – Students were able to engage with people who had different perspectives, having agency over their time, bond with their team, and were inspired by other young people who are working towards environmental change.

Tree planting at Wanlass Park – Students really enjoyed learning about to plant a tree, and consider it a notable skill. They especially enjoyed getting rained out!

Environmental Youth Forum – Students have the opportunity to share their project with community members, watch films about youth people addressing environmental issues, speak with environmental film makers, wildlife conservationists,  and other professionals, learn about global warming through infrared technology, and experience virtual reality.

My favorite part of this semester was when we all did the art installation because we could visually see it. It was beautiful to see that we collected the data and created something to visualize it. It was beautiful to see how it affected the community. Even when you do tell people about environmental issues, they will brush it off and focus on other big issues. In reality, if we don’t have earth then we have nothing. It’s looking at the bigger picture.


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