Scaring The Litter Away: Community Outreach at San Pablo City Hall


It’s nearing that time of year again; where little ones dress up as their Fortnite characters, Pixar fan favorites, and every ghoul, goblin, and grinch in between – Halloween!

The City of San Pablo offered Earth Team the opportunity to table during their family-friendly event, and Kennedy High School interns took advantage of it as if they knew which houses gave out full-size snicker bars on Halloween. And just like that analogy, did they come prepared!


Kennedy interns came with games and treats galore: a spinning wheel, a marine debris timeline interactive activity, candy, and tangerines for the health conscious. Rules? Simple. Spin the wheel and figure out if that item can be recycled or not, or, pick an item out of a bucket, and guess how long that item will take to degrade in the open ocean. Get either right, and a treat’s yours!

Kennedy intern Itzel took on the challenge right from the get-go. No child didn’t get an education on what’s recyclable or not, not if she had anything to say about it. They reached out to at least 150+ San Pablo community members, educating them through their interactive marine debris games; and that calls for a celebration. After their Earth Team duties were accomplished, they set out to enjoy what the city’s event had to offer. Great job to Kennedy Earth Team, and special thanks for the City of San Pablo! Looking forward to many collaborations in the near future!


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