Analyzing the Campus Litter Situation

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Recently, Earth Team at Oakland Tech assessed the litter on our campus. During an after-school meeting, we went to all parts of our main campus and used the Marine Debris Tracker app to record where litter was concentrated and what specific items were most commonly dropped.

We did this to make it easier for us to educate our peers in the future and focus our education based on the data we collected. The Marine Debris Tracker app is an application we use on our phones and the Earth Team iPads to put down the locations, and types of trash or litter found when doing cleanups. It helps to clarify the issues within a community. It also makes interns jobs easier because we don’t have to track everything by hand.

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My experience with the app has always been very positive; it is easy to use and helpful. I was surprised at how little litter we ended up having to pick up and track, and how it was clustered/concentrated in small areas. Also, I was surprised that there were only around 300 pieces collected on campus, sometimes in other areas, it is more like 3,000. Good job Tech!

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Written By: Jade, Oakland Tech Intern 


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