Youth’s Thoughts on the Straws Documentary

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On Saturday at the Davis Street Transfer Station, we started our day by watching the optional “Straws” documentary. The documentary revealed to us the impact of the tiny plastic straws when used on the scale that we use them. The millions of straws we use on a daily basis invade environments and destroy the habitats of many different types of animals. The so-called “poster child” of the plan to take plastic out of restaurants and stores was a sea turtle that got a straw stuck in its nose. The turtle likely ate the floating straw thinking it was food and when it tried to regurgitate the straw, it got stuck in its nose.

The movement to stop using plastic straws has taken off in Costa Rica, Cuba, and parts of the United States where the alternatives of paper straws and stainless steel straws have become more common. Most people don’t notice the difference between these straws other than the fact that they are different because their effectiveness is almost identical. The message behind this was that there are things that we can do that will not make our lives significantly harder but can have a positive effect on the environment such as decreasing our use of plastic straws. This was a good way to start the day because it set the tone for the rest of the day of talking about decreasing the waste we produce and sending less and fewer things to the landfill.


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