Introducing Ralph J. Bunche Academy’s Waste Sorting Project

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Ralph J. Bunche Academy High School. For the past few weeks, Earth Team’s Waste Experts have been working with two Earth Science classes and supporting the wonderful Ms. Greenland on bringing a hands-on project to their waste curriculum.

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Coco Gutman, Oakland Tech Alumni and Mills College Student, presented alongside Jenna, Oakland Tech Campus coordinator to deliver two interactive lessons introducing sorting systems and setting a space for discussion on how it relates to each of our every day lives. After a short presentation and a few sorting activities, Ralph J. Bunche Academy students expressed significantly more confidence in knowing how to sort and a heightened awareness of how important it is to sort trash properly.

Last week, both classes conducted a waste audit of their campus trash. Students took on leadership positions sorting through bags and collecting qualitative and quantitative data. Both audits showed that over 85% of their campus waste could be recycled or composted.

We are looking forward to continuing work with Ralph J. Bunche Academy and supporting their efforts to get a student-led sorting system on campus by February 2019.

Special thank you to Ms. Greenland for her support and genuine care for her student’s education!


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