Alternate Transport Youth Advocates Rehearse for Peer Presentations


Earth Team interns at Kennedy H.S. took a brief hiatus from their regular program of conducting litter assessments and switched focus on educating their peers on a VMT (Vehicles Miles Travelled) survey they performed earlier in the school year. The goal: to increase the percentage of students to use alternate transportation methods, specifically biking, to get to and from school. Armed with the knowledge the Bay Area Quality Management District (BAAQMD), the Center for Climate Protection (CCP), and others so generously shared with them, interns began developing a power point presentation. Interns Jason and Katy (left to right) were excited to be the first to team up and rehearse!


All were provided with the opportunity to hone in their public presentation skills; and even though some were slightly more resistant to take the call to action, the interns most definitely rose to the occasion! Intern Kyle showed more gusto presenting than any other that day!


Halfway into the meeting, all were determined to declare themselves the better presenting pair! Bryan and Kyle did not leave the stage until they were satisfied. All in all, the meeting displayed strengths and areas for improvement for each intern. and by the time the Bike Rally comes to town, one may best believe that their peers are going to learn something that day!

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