Kennedy Interns Show Commute Results to Peers


The 7th and 8th of February was big for Kennedy H.S. Earth Team interns! Those were the days that many weeks of planning was for – the Bike Rally! Each had the opportunity to go in front of Dr. Moore’s class and showcase their brilliant public speaking skills they have been honing in for weeks to encourage their peers to utilize more alternate transportation!


Interns Bryan and Kyle (left to right) were excited to share the commute survey results with the class! Students were surprised to find out the the majority of the campus resided within a 2 mile radius of JFK high school! That was the moment when they began to lean forward, and what a beautiful moment it was.


Even though public speaking was not the strongest forte for some interns, one in particular excelled! Intern Brittany got a kick at sharing with her peers the results of the commute survey, in addition to explaining the damaging effects of bad air quality has on the community.


Every intern worked tremendously hard to perfect their public speaking skills, especially intern Jacob! At first, he refused to go up and rehearse during our prep meetings, but his desire to share what he now knows on climate change, Richmond’s bad air quality, and biking was far greater than his fear of talking to a crowd. Way to go Jacob!

All in all, every intern did a fantastic job! So much so that Dr. Moore shook every interns hand. Great job to all!

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