Kennedy H.S. Earth Team Sees Massive Student Support For Bike Rally


The interest level of students at Kennedy H.S. (JFK) was high, and Earth Team definitely was more than happy to oblige and cater to it. March 18th marked JFK’s first bike rally! The team worked tirelessly for weeks talking to school administration to get approval, creating flyers and posting them all over campus, partnering up with supportive teachers, staff, and Rich City Rides, working through the logistics of curating an event, on top of their appointed Rumrill litter assessments.


The traffic at the booth JFK and Rich City Rides (RCR) set up was admittedly slow at first, but once students got their lunches (and Earth Team interns passed flyers out), students came trickling in. RCR took the opportunity to sign up students for their bike club initiative they’re starting on the JFK campus, and to educate students on how they can earn a free bike.


The success of the bike rally wouldn’t have been possible without JFK faculty like Ms. Johnson, Ms. Perez, and Mr. Lepe. Interns Kyle, Misty, and Bryan (left to right) are talking to Ms. Perez on how she can be part of the initiative to create more of a bike culture on campus once the rally was over and when it becomes a distant memory in student’s minds.


The bike demonstration RCR graciously brought to the rally was the main attraction at the booth! Students tried their luck and their core strength by giving the bike rollers a go. A crowd soon began to form around the booth. Once they got off, a good majority almost immediately signed up for the Earn-a-Bike (EAB) program and/or the bike club.

Great job to JFK interns! It was a lot of work these past several weeks, and all of you did a tremendous job. Again, thanks to the supportive JFK faculty and Rich City Rides for partnering up in this initiative.

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