Sustainable Youth Program

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The Sustainable Youth Program takes a long term approach to environmental education by working with individual core schools to offer a variety of projects--from short-term class visits to year long after school internships--all with a multi-year approach that caters to the unique needs of students and their respective schools. This year projects are focusing on waste, watersheds, litter and a brand new urban foresty project. Click play below to learn more about the Sustainable Youth Program.

Sustainable Youth Schools 2015-2016

Oakland High School | Oakland, CA | Instagram @EarthTeamOaklandHS

Skyline High School | Oakland, CA | Instagram @EarthTeamSkylineHS

Pinole Valley  High School | Pinole, CA | Instagram @EarthTeamPinoleHS


Richmond High School | Richmond, CA | Instagram @EarthTeamRichmondHS


San Lorenzo High School | San Lorenzo, CA | Instagram @EarthTeamSanLorenzoHS



Alameda High School | Alameda, CA | Instagram @EarthTeamAlamedaHS



Antioch High School | Antioch, CA | Instagram @EarthTeamAntiochHS


Click to read the Sustainable Youth Program announcement.