Oxiris Elizondo

January 2012
Richmond HS

Oxiris is a junior at Richmond High School and a member of the Aqua Team.  She has been impressively outgoing in her excitement and willingness to talk to members of the public about restoration and stewardship activities!  She is also enthusiastic about asking questions and making suggestions about curriculum and restoration methods.  Her curiosity and enthusiasm are much appreciated!  She says it best herself: "The reason I decided to join Aqua Team is because I wanted to do something new and rewarding. I had heard from my friend, also an Aqua Team member, about Aqua Team and the things they were involved in. I never imagined it would be so much fun. Aqua team has helped me in more ways than one, not only in learning more about our environment and the different things that can and have affected it; but also in helping me grow out of my shyness. It used to be hard for me to talk a lot in front of a lot of people and though it still happens sometimes to me, I am now able to talk with more confidence. I really enjoy being in Aqua Team."  We're so honored to have you be part of the Aqua Team.  Keep up the good work!