Pallavi Sherikar

October 2011
Irvington H.S.

Pallavi, now a junior at Irvington High School, has been involved in environmental work since the end of her freshmen year. She started off by joining the district's environmental group F.I.E.R.C.E. (Fremont-Ians Enabling Real Change in the Environment). She is currently the District Policy Committee Head for FIERCE and works with this committee to change and implement different policies in the district that are more environmentally friendly. This past summer, Pallavi worked as an intern at EarthTeam and the Berkeley Ecology Center. At EarthTeam she worked on starting a Youth Advisory Board. While at the Ecology Center, she was given the opportunity to research more about Eco-Architecture. Pallavi is also part of EarthTeam's Green News program as the blogger Dr. Green. As Dr. Green, she answers any questions people may have about the environment ( Pallavi has been an inspiration to the staff at EarthTeam -- she's a wonderful example of a youth taking leadership within the environmental movement in her own community.