Patricia Williamson

June 2013
Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC)

EarthTeam is excited to nominate Patricia Williamson as teacher of the month! Patrica has been active in the Waste Action Project (WAP) and in the Transportation Action Project(TAP). EarthTeam helped Patricia and her students coordinate a bike to school day which was a huge success. We look forward to continue working with Patricia and her amazing students at ACLC!

From Patricia: " I went to UC Davis and earned a BS in Wildlife Biology. I currently work at the Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC). I have spent a good part of my 26 years of teaching collaborating with Save the Bay. Every year ACLC learners work to restore the wetlands in the local San Francisco Bay. Recently our work has been to develop leadership opportunities in the environmental fields. Now the work we do with Save the Bay is to train high school learners to lead wetland/ecology field trips for younger learners. I was introduced to Earth Team last year as part of my work as the SLWRP Coordinator for ACLC. Previous to Earth Team coming and doing a waste audit in the Spring of 2012 ACLC had no coordinated recycling program. The wast audit inspired two of ACLC's seniors to take on developing a recycling program for their senior project. The recycling program continues this year in large part due to the work the Environmental Leadership learners do. They work to help the community understand the program and build a community where the ethic is to recycle. Earth Team helps ACLC realize our mission which is to empower learners to take ownership of their educational experience and to actively participate in a democratic society."