Roberta Miller

October 2014

Roberta Miller is our Teacher of the Month for October 2014. While Roberta doesn't teach in a traditional classroom, her teaching skills, passion and impact are on par with the best teachers we know. Roberta is a Program Manager at and has been one of the standout presenters at our annual LEAF conference for more years than we can remember. She has a passion for reused and upcycled crafts including these amazing reuse mosaics made by students in her workshop at this past year's LEAF conference. 


Roberta is one of the original founders of the Service Learing Waste Reduction Network (SLWRP) which supports dozens of teachers at middle and high schools throughout Alamdeda County and works tirelessly behind the scenes to support waste reduction efforts throughout the county. In addition Roberta is pivotal to the opporation of the iRecycle program which invites classes to visit the Davis Street Transfer Station and education center each year. 


Thank you for your continued efforts Roberta!