Salvador Mateo

February 2011
Mandela High SChool

Salvador Mateo, a senior at Mandela High School, a Freemont Federation High School and part of the Oakland Public Schools is the man to come to for all things environmental.  He and fellow senior Julio Madrigal received a grant from the Youth Venture Program to begin a business to help reduce food deserts in Oakland. 

 Sal and Julio are also in the process of writing, filming, and producing a film about Environmental Racism. 

 Sal's interest in the environment goes beyond hands on recycling and gardening to the political.  He is a member of the Youth and Government Team and has authored a bill to be presented in the Youth and Government Congress.  All the staff and students look up to Sal and know he will not end his commitment to the environment and working to make a change when he graduates in June.

Sal wants to go to Sacramento State University and hopes to become a computer engineer to help computers be eco-friendly.