Shaunice Newton

March 2012
Pinole Valley High School

"My name is Shaunice Newton.  I’m a senior here at Pinole Valley High and a member of the Environmental Studies Academy.  Currently, I’m leading the Academy’s Creek Restoration Group.  Our group, Creek Restoration, meets at the creek once or twice a month and we clean up the creek and the surrounding areas.  We plant native plants, remove non-native plants, mulch the site, and we test the quality of the creek’s water. This year our goal was and is to keep the creek healthy and if possible, to bring back native species, (salmon) to the creek.

Within my Creek Group, we try to educate ourselves about the creek as much as possible.  It’s our hope, that in the near future, we can go around to classes in our school and in other schools to educate students about the creek, its’ importance and how they can help keep it clean and healthy.

The Creek Group, along with other groups in the Academy, sometimes goes on study trips to other sites and help out as much as we can. We recently went to Muir Beach and helped with weeding and planting.  It was a great experience for me as well as for my group.  My goal is to plan more study trips to nurseries and other creeks so that we can, in our small way, make a contribution in improving the health of our environment."

Shaunice Newton is a senior at Pinole Valley High School.  An outstanding member of the Environmental Science Academy, Shaunice leads the Creek group, composed of students from the Environmental Science Academy, in weekend outings to the creek, two to four times a month.  Students gather at Pinole Creek for an hour on Saturdays or Sundays and conduct trash pick ups and water quality testing, recording their data and results for comparison with other restoration days.  Shaunice goes above and beyond expectation to lead her group and has demonstrated exceptional responsibility in maintaining plants she propagated in the classroom.  We're so pleased to have her participate in the Eco-Stewards program!