Meet the Earth Team Staff 2016-17

Manuel Alonso

Executive Director

Born in Spain, Manuel is a cultural anthropologist interested in the protection of cultural and biological diversity. He has been working with non-profit organizations for more than 20 years in Europe, Central and South America and the United States focusing on ecology, education and the arts. Manuel has been with EarthTeam since the Spring of 2013.

Little Known Fact: Manuel loves to hike and has two big golden retrievers. In 1990 he founded TUVA, a non profit organization that helped save 1 million trees in the rainforests around Corcovado National Park, working with a coalition of local residents, land owners and loggers. According to National Geographic, Corcovado National Park contains the richest rainforests in the world.. 

Jenna Topper

Program Manager

Jenna graduated from Sonoma State majoring in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on conservation and restoration with a minor in Biology. She has been interested in wildlife from a young age and has worked along side a variety of animal rehabilitation and protection agencies. Throughout college her love for wildlife uncovered deeper intrinsic values she holds for nature and all it has to offer. She is inspired to use her background and experiences to promote environmental awareness throughout the community and to provide opportunities for youth to engage in environmental pursuits and sustainable actions. 

Little known fact: When Jenna is not in the office, she works hard as an Outreach Coordinator for a start up community farm project called Farmster that aims to grow, share, and innovate the local food system of Rohnert Park, CA by providing more opportunity for youth in agriculture. Check it out at​

Phil Drobnicki

Logistics Coordinator / Project Lead at Antioch High School

Phillip Drobnicki, Phil for short, grew up in San Diego CA. and gained a passion for the environment at a young age taking advantage of youth programs at San Diego Zoo and Sea World San Diego.  Initially wanting to study Journalism, Phil went to Palomar Community College with aspirations to work for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or National Geographic making wildlife documentaries.  Wanting to learn more about the biology and animals he was writing about he decided to switch majors and transferred to Humboldt State University to study Zoology.  While there, Phil assisted his professors with beached whale necropsies, gathered data on Owl vocalization with graduate students and worked as a microbiology lab aide.  Phil has held jobs at various Zoo’s in California including San Diego Zoo where he worked on Giraffe and Elephant conservation and Oakland Zoo where he was an Education Aide. 

Little Known Fact:  In his free time Phil is an active home brewer and is working to start selling his craft “Philosophy Brew” and open a small brewery and art gallery with his wife.  He is also involved with his church youth group and is part of Solano’s Masters Swim Team.   

Natalie Escue

Program Associate / Project Lead San Lorenzo and Richmond High Schools



Devin Cormia

Program Consultant

Devin graduated in 2012 from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Community Studies, focusing on social movements in the agricultural & food systems. e has been an environmental educator working in Santa Cruz, Portland, Point Reyes, the SF Bay Area, and now in Grass Valley, CA.  He has worked as an EarthTeam Campus Coordinator for two school years leading after-school internships with American High School, Alameda High School, Helms Middle School, Pinole Valley High School and Skyline High School. As a Program Consultant for Earthteam, Devin will be advising the Executive Director and the program, staff to ensure the highest quality programs are designed and implemented for our students.  He also will maintain regular contact with program partners as needed.

Little Known FactLittle known fact: In his free time Devin can be found exploring his local watersheds by foot, bicycle, ski, snowshoe, kayak & canoe.

Paul Wicks


Paul studied at the University of Michigan, before earning a degree in graphic design at the Center for Creative Studies. Paul called Colorado home for about a third of his life, living in the mountains where it was clear that nature wasn't just an academic abstraction; that it includes everyone, even people with too many frequent flier miles. After years working in large corporations, he spent the last 10 years working in start-ups and non-profits in the San Francisco Bay area. He began contributing to EarthTeam in December 2015.

Little known fact: As a young man, Paul landed a job as photographers' assistant to a blind photographer. The photographer directed everything from the lighting to the queue of students on picture day. The job offered lessons in responsibility and respect for people's capabilities.