Students of the Month

December, 2011
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Mi-Anne Chan

Alameda High School

Mi-Anne, a senior at Alameda High School, recently became one of the co-heads of her school's Environmental Collaborative which is a collaboration of all the environmental and humanitarian clubs at our school. Mi-Anne has a long history of engaging with environmental work, including volunteering at the zoo and founding her school's chapter of Roots and shoots (a branch of the Jane Goodall institute). As a member of EarthTeam's Youth Advisory Board, Mi-Anne has been one of the main organizers behind the December 17th movie matinee at Alameda High School, featuring "Wasteland". 

Congratulations to Mi-Anne for being selected as the December student of the month. Thank you for your service, leadership, and dedication.

November, 2011
Associated Earth Team Programs:
Restoration Action Project

Khalil Ferguson

Pinole Valley High School

Khalil Ferguson was born on November 3rd, 1995 in Oakland, CA. He's been going to Pinole Valley High School for 4 years and likes playing baseball and sports in general; he also likes sign language. He's been in Pinole Valley HS's Environmental Science Academy (ESA) for 3 years.  He would like to plan study trips to Muir Woods and would also like to plan study trips to other redwood reserves, and also to plant a redwood tree at Pinole Creek.  This is his second year as an enthusiastic member of Eco-Stewards.  Khalil has showed impressive initiative during Eco-Stewards programs and takes personal time to think about how he can have a positive impact on Pinole Creek.  We are honored to have Khalil in the Eco-Stewards program   and look foward to planning our spring trip to Muir Woods with him! 

 "I believe we all should be as big as the redwood trees."  -- Khalil

October, 2011
Associated Earth Team Programs:

Pallavi Sherikar

Irvington H.S.

Pallavi, now a junior at Irvington High School, has been involved in environmental work since the end of her freshmen year. She started off by joining the district's environmental group F.I.E.R.C.E. (Fremont-Ians Enabling Real Change in the Environment). She is currently the District Policy Committee Head for FIERCE and works with this committee to change and implement different policies in the district that are more environmentally friendly. This past summer, Pallavi worked as an intern at EarthTeam and the Berkeley Ecology Center. At EarthTeam she worked on starting a Youth Advisory Board. While at the Ecology Center, she was given the opportunity to research more about Eco-Architecture. Pallavi is also part of EarthTeam's Green News program as the blogger Dr. Green. As Dr. Green, she answers any questions people may have about the environment ( Pallavi has been an inspiration to the staff at EarthTeam -- she's a wonderful example of a youth taking leadership within the environmental movement in her own community.

April, 2011
Associated Earth Team Programs:
Restoration Action Project

Angela Ponze

Pinole Valley High School

Angela Ponce is awarded this month's Student of Month Award for EarthTeam. Angela (pictured second from the right in the photo) was born in Martinez, California and is currently a senior at Pinole Valley High School. She has been a member of the Environmental Studies Academy for the past three years, and in Creek Group for the past two years. She enjoys working on projects to help improve her local community, especially on creek clean-ups and restoration projects under the mentorship of EarthTeam's Restoration Director, Kevin Sherrill. According to Angela, the Environmental Studies Academy and EarthTeam's Restoration Program have helped her become more environmentally conscious of her actions at school and at home. She is always thoughtful about reducing waste and ways that she can volunteer to spread awareness or preserve biodiversity. Two activities that Angela has enjoyed this year were attending the Brower Youth Awards and the Goldman Environmental Awards. These awards made her believe that "one person can make a difference in their community". After she graduates, Angela plans on serving her country in the U.S. Navy as either a Nurse or Marine Scientist.

March, 2011
Associated Earth Team Programs:

Francisco Rodriguez

Richmond High SChool

Francisco Rodriguez is a senior at Richmond High School. He was born and raised in Richmond, which has motivated him to enter law enforcement. His goals for the future are to serve and help his community. He plans on becoming a police officer to protect community members who are not capable of protecting themselves.

Francisco is a student in the YCA program (Youth For Clean Air). He has been an active voice for YCA. He led and helped organize a booth at Glenview Elementary school, in order to educate elementary school students about air quality and its effects on health. He has been active in bringing indoor/outdoor air quality awareness within his school by engaging both students and teachers in air quality discourse.

Francisco has also benefited and learned from YCA, he states,  

 "I can genuinely say that the YCA program has been a tremendous experience for me. I've learned and experienced so much in so little time! I've been taught how to make a change by embracing the power of youth, leading, and teaching others about the importance of Clean Air Quality!"

February, 2011
Associated Earth Team Programs:
Waste Action Project

Salvador Mateo

Mandela High SChool

Salvador Mateo, a senior at Mandela High School, a Freemont Federation High School and part of the Oakland Public Schools is the man to come to for all things environmental.  He and fellow senior Julio Madrigal received a grant from the Youth Venture Program to begin a business to help reduce food deserts in Oakland. 

 Sal and Julio are also in the process of writing, filming, and producing a film about Environmental Racism. 

 Sal's interest in the environment goes beyond hands on recycling and gardening to the political.  He is a member of the Youth and Government Team and has authored a bill to be presented in the Youth and Government Congress.  All the staff and students look up to Sal and know he will not end his commitment to the environment and working to make a change when he graduates in June.

Sal wants to go to Sacramento State University and hopes to become a computer engineer to help computers be eco-friendly.

December, 2010
Associated Earth Team Programs:

Tracy Crain

El Cerrito High School

I love all the different adventures we have and everything we get to do and learn... "

Traci Crain is a junior at El Cerrito HS in El Cerrito, CA.  She has been with EarthTeam's Green Screen TV program since her Sophomore year and has participated as everything from reporter, to camera person, to floor director, to full on actress!  She is quite the star, and her many roles are proof of that!  You can always count on Traci to be available for any event or activity you may need her in.  During our weekly meetings, Traci helps keep the order as our official M&M or Meeting Manager.  Although she started as just a student that was found in another Richmond program some summers ago, she is now a crucial member of the Green Screen crew that continues to grow and shine on a daily basis.  You've got to check out her latest role in Green Screen's Pesticide PSA!

As we always say...keep it up Traci-liscious!

November, 2010
Associated Earth Team Programs:
Waste Action Project

Julien Malard

Washington High School

Julien Malard is a senior at Washington HS in Fremont, and the only member of the Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project (SLWRP) at his school. As Washington's only SLWRP representative, Julien single-handedly promotes the 4Rs on campus as well as networks with other dedicated high school activists at monthly F.I.E.R.C.E. meetings (FremontIans Enabling Real Change in the Environment). Looking ahead to college next fall, Julien notes, 

"I want to do this as a career, so I need practice... The ideas of grassroots organizing are basically the same, and I've been getting that experience through F.I.E.R.C.E. and EarthTeam's Leadership Environmental Action Forums."

Awesome work, Julien

October, 2010
Associated Earth Team Programs:
Restoration Action Project

Lizbeth Moreno

Richmond High SChool

Lizbeth Moreno is a senior at Richmond High School.  This is her third year as a member of the Aqua Team.  Over these years, she has demonstrated outstanding maturity, responsibility, and leadership skills.  This year, she has developed plans to create PowerPoint presentations for classes and posters around campus that inform students of the science of watersheds and how students can appreciate and conserve their watershed.  Reflecting on her experience in Aqua Team, Lizbeth notes, "The Aqua Team has been a really amazing opportunity for me to work in because it has shown me how to value nature more."  Lizbeth, you rock!