Susan Bewley

November 2012
Thornton Middle School

EarthTeam is proud to nominate Susan Bewley for our November 2012 Teacher of the Month. Ms. Bewley is an English instructor at Thornton Jr. High in Fremont. Finishing UCLA with a Political Science degree and then law school brought her focus into the History and Government teaching areas. However, she has always been fascinated by Science and feels that we need to respect our environment to support our existence. This led her to becoming involved in recycling at Thornton Jr High. According to Ms. Bewley, “We affect over 1000 families with our efforts at the school, and with publicity about it, thousands more. I am honored to assist with the effort of recycling the materials we use.”

Thornton is new school for EarthTeam and just finished it’s first ever Waste Action Project on campus. Thanks to the energetic efforts of Ms. Bewley, Thornton has been able to participate in WAP (Waste Action Project), SLWRP (service learning waste reduction program) meetings and FIERCE (Fremontlans Enabling Real Change in the Environment) meetings alike. For a new coordinator in a new school Ms. Bewley has definitely hit the ground running towards a green future for Thornton. She has been able to work closely with instructors on her campus who teach a wide spectrum of subjects to meet and find a common ground. That common ground is to improve the environmental stewardship and activism present at Thornton Jr. High. We want to thank her for all the work she has done thus far and wish her all the best for the rest of the school year.