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Earth Team Oakland LPS Develops New Protocol to Assess Marine Debris Issues at MLK Shoreline


For the past two weeks LPS Oakland Earth Team has been on campus working diligently to develop protocol that they can use for next semesters project where they will be tracking the movement and accumulation of litter as it flows from the upper Peralta Creek headwaters to the creeks drainage point at the Martin Luther King Jr Shoreline in Oakland.

On December 5, 2017 interns left campus and headed to MLK shoreline to practice their new and improved protocol.  As with anything new there are always obstacles that arise.  Interns found difficulties in creating measurable segment areas, but have sense forth developed a solution that problem.  Interns found that some of the new instruments were more difficult to use then they imagined and since then have taken the time to master the use of each tool.  Environmental experiments take time and precision and through much practice and trial and error the team has been able to identify and form a solution to any short comings they have had.

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Laura and her Experience as an Earth Team Intern

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***Student Blog***

Written by Laura Castillo

At the begging when I started with this Internship of Earth Team, I didn’t know how it was going to be like but later on I really liked it. Something that I really enjoy is spending time with my Earth Team because I get to experience many things. This internship helps me to be more confident with myself because I get to try new things like talking with strangers. We spend one Saturday of the month doing activities, which is fun.  We spend every Tuesday in class after school, doing activities and thinking and planning our next projects.




One of my favorite activities was went we went to downtown Oakland to do litter surveys. Even though some people were being rude, we didn’t give up and we kept doing them. I hope next time people don’t act in a certain way so we get more surveys done. It was a really good experience, and I really enjoyed it because I could spend the day...Read more

Leaf: LPS Oakland goes camping with Earth Team!

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***Student Blog***

Written by Ramona Sandoval Rodriguez

LPS Oakland interns got an opportunity to participate at Leaf, our camping trip. It was optional and not many were able to make it because of school work, family emergencies, and they were not sure if it would be fun or safe.  Some of the students  were afraid to go because they have never gone camping and they didn’t know how to prepare or what to do.  Ms. Jordan gave us a paper with what we would need so we didn’t need to worry much it had a list of what we would need and what we wouldn’t. Have you ever gone camping? Is it scary or is it just plain boring? Well to us it was neither.  At first it was like why did I come? I screamed inside when I was told there might not be wifi but when I got there guess what, there was wifi.


A Clean Beach Finally!

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IMG_1984Earth Team is a nonprofit environmental education service provider founded in 2000.  Its Sustainable Youth Internship program seeks to innovate environmental education by using project-based learning that support informal STEM learning opportunities and college and career preparedness for at-risk students from 10 Title 1 public high schools in the San Francisco East Bay. Earth Team offers the only yearlong afterschool internships in the East Bay, providing an immersive experience over 120 hours per year to 150 low income, minority enrollment students each year.


Our program uses a community-connected, project-based learning approach supporting informal STEM learning and California Next Generation Science Standards to help students envision science and technology career alternatives in their future. Youth will not only learn about environmental data collection through student-led investigation sites, but also master STEM practices and become immersed in STEM culture (vocabulary, habits...Read more

Halloween Upcycling at Oakland Leadership Public School


October 31, 2017 was a nice change of pace for the Interns at LPS Oakland who have been working the past two weeks to complete educational flyers and brochures that they will distribute to the Downtown Oakland Community. 


The students watched a short video on the principles of the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle, and then in groups made lists of the top three litter items produced on Halloween and ways to either reduce their consumption or to reuse them.  They then, on their own, used waste materials to create up-cycled litter art.  23163887_10211077799717982_1097739374_nUpcycling is the practice of turning one mans waste into another mans wealth.  So often we throw materials away that can be used for another purpose.  This was an opportunity for students to contemplate all the items we typically throw away and how they could be reused or repurposed altogether.  And of course their was CANDY...Read more

Earth Team youth attend the 2017 Brower Awards!

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*Student Blog*

The Brower Youth Awards is an awards ceremony named after David Brower that recognizes six extremely young and exceptional environmental justice leaders that act on their own will to better the world for everyone.

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Since this was my first time attending this awards ceremony, in fact any ceremony involving environmental justice, I did not know what to expect, but I did know that I will have a lot to learn and take away. And so I did. Having witnessed several young leaders who care about Earth and are taking action to protect and preserve, I personally felt underwhelmed about myself. There were youth who were only 16 and there were...Read more

Survey Trial in Downtown Oakland


On October 24, 2017 the Oakland LPS Earth Team headed back to downtown Oakland to run a trial on the survey they had been working on, which was meant to assess the publics knowledge about the effects of cigarette litter on water ways and the Terracycle program in Oakland.  Students were challenged to approach community members on the streets during rush hour to try to convince them to participate in the survey.  This day proved to be a learning lesson.  Many people were unresponsive and seemed uninterested.  The team plans to improve in their communication, pick a more approachable time of day, and get back out there for their official survey day on November 11th.  Below are several accounts of the interns’ experiences:


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Flyer Created
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Earth Team goes Down Town Oakland!


On October 3, 2017 Oakland LPS’ Earth Team headed to the Downtown Oakland Association office to meet with their representatives and discuss the waste issues the city is facing and the plans the city has to face those issues.  22446965_10210930475274963_1594680329_nThe interns then hit the streets to conduct a litter survey and obtain specific information about the prominent sources of waste in the area and what might be the leading causes for those sources. Over the

22386592_10210930475634972_1133094917_nnext few weeks, interns will be developing educational materials and surveys to help get a sense of the awareness of the waste issue within the community, and to help provide knowledge to those who may not be fully aware of the impacts of waste on our environment.

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Watershed Health Assessment at Oakland LPS!


On September 26, 2017 Oakland LPS Earth Team was introduced to the Watershed Health issues in their community and conducted a watershed litter assessment on campus and the nearby creeks.  Students were shocked to find out the ways that waste effects the watershed and how far litter can be spread through the water system.  Below are some of our members experiences that day:


Olga:  I felt relieved and joyful knowing how we could make a change in our unhealthy watershed. And how we could protect our community and animals. Being able to make a change in our community could be very helpful and healthy. As in protecting our aquatic animals from being harmed. The major pollution me and my partner found while assessing our watersheds was paper and water bottles. Making a prediction that maybe the students who attend the school could have dropped the paper and the water bottles. And may not have noticed that it could harm our community and not taking in ...Read more