Tracy Crain

December 2010
El Cerrito High School

I love all the different adventures we have and everything we get to do and learn... "

Traci Crain is a junior at El Cerrito HS in El Cerrito, CA.  She has been with EarthTeam's Green Screen TV program since her Sophomore year and has participated as everything from reporter, to camera person, to floor director, to full on actress!  She is quite the star, and her many roles are proof of that!  You can always count on Traci to be available for any event or activity you may need her in.  During our weekly meetings, Traci helps keep the order as our official M&M or Meeting Manager.  Although she started as just a student that was found in another Richmond program some summers ago, she is now a crucial member of the Green Screen crew that continues to grow and shine on a daily basis.  You've got to check out her latest role in Green Screen's Pesticide PSA!

As we always say...keep it up Traci-liscious!