Tracy Ostrom

April 2011
Skyline High School

Mrs. Tracy Ostrom has been teaching science for fourteen years. She has been at Skyline High School for six years teaching Honors Chemistry, college prep Chemistry, and now Environmental Chemistry and AP Environmental Science. This academic year she took on the added responsibility of establishing the Green Energy Academy in order to provide students with an opportunity to succeed in green energy careers and post-secondary green energy education.

Mrs. Ostrom has been very active with EarthTeam programs over the past several years, participating in EarthTeam's Restoration Initiative, the Climate Action Campaign, and Waste Action Project. Tracy works closely with EarthTeam staff to provide her students with engaging projects to stimulate critical thinking and the process of scientific endeavors. From ecological restoration projects along Sausal Creek to involvement in's International Day of Climate Action, Mrs. Ostrom enhances her already phenomenal curricula with EarthTeam's programming. Tracy is given this award for her commitment to inspiring passion for the sciences in her students and developing future green energy leaders. She manages to juggle her workload and give so much, while also being wonderfully sweet to work with.  Congratulations to her for her outstanding accomplishments and integrative approaches in science education!