Tracy Ostrom

May 2014
Skyline High School

Tracy Ostrom is the EarthTeam teacher of the month for May 2014. Tracy has a long history of working with EarthTeam over the past 7+ years and is a environmental force at Skyline High School in Oakland where she teaches. Tracy was instrumental in the formation of a Green Energy Academy at Skyline High School where she is the director. This past year, Tracy advised during a year long after school internship which found students continuing to build an outdoor classroom on campus. In it's second year, this outdoor classroom was thought up, researched and built completely by students with the support and mentorship of Tracy and EarthTeam staff. 


We are ever grateful for Tracy's leadership and support of students. She believes in empowering students to find solutions to the problems they see in the world and work towards goals they set. EarthTeam is honored to have worked with Tracy this year and all of the past years at Skyline. See below for photos of the Skyline student interns dedicating their freshly finished bottle brick bench to her and former Earthteam staff Chiara Swartout. 


Thank you Tracy. Keep up the amazing work!

For more photos of the outdoor classroom check out Skyline High School's EarthTeam Instagram account @EarthTeamSkylinehs