Yi Shi

November 2012
Skyline High School

EarthTeam's Restoration Director, Chiara Swartout, has selected eleventh grader Yi Shi as EarthTeam's student of the month. Despite being offered a stipend for her time as an intern with the Schoolyard Restoration Project, Yi has declined the stipend and has offered to volunteer for the position, receiving community service credit instead. She has an incredible ability to listen intently to bird calls, hypothesizing what the birds might be communicating with each distinct vocalization. Yi's quite demeanor allows her to listen to the subtlety of these calls, and Chiara is excited to use her listening skills in bird identification around the Skyline campus!

"My part of the project is the study [of] the redwood ecosystem, and the plants and animals liv[ing] around the redwood[s]. My favorite moment so far [wa]s [the] study [of] different plants and animals [and their] ecosystem, and mak[ing] the world better by join[ing] the EarthTeam. Also, I want to learn more [about] ecosystem[s] by [being] outside [and through] the books." -Yi Shi