A Sunny Day for RHS Earth Team filled with Water Quality Testing and a Clean Up!

This past week, Richmond High Interns conducted water quality testing at San Pablo/Wildcat Creek right down the street from campus. Learning the importance of various water quality indicators, students assessed the pH levels, phosphate and nitrate levels, as well as turbidity! Students found that pH levels stood at 8.0, phosphates at a higher level than is healthy for the creek of .2 mpl, and nitrates at 1ppm.

Students also collected 390+ pieces of litter around the creek, bridge, and park area. Together they had four large bags of trash. We would love to thank the City of San Pablo for collecting the trash afterwards and helping support these efforts!

Keep coming back to our website to continue seeing these amazing interns make a different in their own communities. We would also like to thank our grants that makes these types of events possible like the City of San Pablo Community grants and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for their continued support.

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