Acorn Planting Event at Marsh Creek

Interns from Antioch High collaborated with American Rivers and the  Contra Costa Country Three Creeks Pathway restoration team to plant acorns along Marsh Creek. The Three Creek Parkway project began last year to restore the floodplain, wildlife and native plant habitat. The project stretches along  a 4,000 foot section of Marsh Creek, it includes 1.0 acres of floodplain, 1.87 acres of woody riparian vegetation and 1.87 acres of grasslands.

Volunteers came out on a chilling Saturday morning after a rainy week to plant the acorn seedlings throughout Marsh Creek.After gathering out supplies interns got to work planting the seedlings along the lower and middle reach of the creek. The areas were flagged to indicate planting sites and were given an additional flag to identify the acorns.Interns got to meet Sarah and Kristan from California Central Valley River Conservation (CCVRC)and discuss the progress that has been made to the creek since the project started over some warm hot chocolate and snacks.

Coaches and Interns planting acorns on the lower reach of Marsh Creek

It was a phenomenal opportunity for the  interns to join and learn how to plant acorns  and see the transformation of the creek over the past year. Three Creeks Parkway will continue plant restoration along the Marsh Creek and the interns are enthusiastic of future collaborative events with CCVRC.

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