Antioch Brainstorms GLOBE Research Projects

Antioch interns are in the first stages of their GLOBE research project.

During the month of January, Antioch interns were hard at work planning for the upcoming GLOBE Student Research Symposium. The GLOBE SRS brings students in grades 5th-12th from across the United States together at one of six regional Student Research Symposia (SRS) to share the results of field investigations using GLOBE Program protocols or data from the GLOBE database.

This May, the SRS will be hosted virtually. A virtual event allows everyone on the Antioch team the opportunity to attend and interact with scientists from NASA! As the event quickly approaches, interns have begun to narrow down research questions and are in the first phase of data collection.

This semester, Antioch interns will use the GLOBE Observer App to collect Cloud observations in their community. Additionally, they will survey peers at Antioch High School to understand the impacts (if any) that cloud coverage has on their peers’ emotions.

Stay tuned in the weeks to come to learn more about their GLOBE research project!

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