Antioch Hosts Earth Day at the Upper Sand Creek Basin

Spring was a busy season for Earth Team Antioch! The team partnered with folks from the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District and the Contra Costa Flood Control District to host a community event for Earth Day at the Upper Sand Creek Basin.

The event brought volunteers of all ages from Contra Costa County. Together everyone worked to clean up and bring new life to the basin.

Interns teamed up and led groups of volunteers on a litter cleanup challenge. Leaders showed volunteers how to use NOAA’s Marine Debris Tracker app to collect information about the type of litter they were finding. The groups had an hour to collect and record as much litter as they could along the bank of the creek. Overall, everyone collected at least 1,690 pieces of litter!


Following the litter cleanup competition, the next task for the day was to plant, mulch, and water 40 native shrubs and trees throughout the basin. Partners from Nomad Ecology led a planting tutorial to demonstrate how to properly install the plants. Species we planted that day included Toyon, Buckeye, Soaproot, and Cottonwood.

There is no established irrigation system in place, so the plants had to be watered with water from the creek. Volunteers and interns worked tirelessly, carrying buckets to and fro, to ensure every plant was sufficiently watered to survive the dry summer months in Antioch.

Since the event, interns have made a visit to the Upper Sand Creek Basin to check on the status and survival of the plants. We are glad to report that everything planted that day is alive and well! We are excited to watch the progress in the months to come.





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