Antioch Teams Up with Pinole Valley at the Upper Sand Creek Basin

Interns from Antioch and Pinole Valley High School teamed up for a Saturday field day at the Upper Sand Creek Basin. Their task for the day was to remove the invasive plant species called "Stinkwort."

Early Fall is the best season for tackling this invader as the plant is still green and has not yet started to flower. These conditions lessen the risk of spreading seeds across the field site which can further produce new Stinkwort plants next season.

Emma feeling satisfied after uprooting a large Stinkwort plant

Interns worked tirelessly on that sunny afternoon. After 3 hours of weed pulling and a much-needed lunch break, interns wrapped up their efforts and bagged up the Stinkwort. In total, they collected a volume of 1000 gallons of Stinkwort plants that day! This large number goes to show how invasive this plant really is. Great work interns!


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