Antioch Welcomes a New Year and New Faces

The start of a new semester brought new friends to Antioch High's Earth Team largely due to the success of peer presentations and recruitment in December.

After the first month back, it’s safe to say that every new member is integrating well with the organizational culture of Earth Team’s Sustainable Youth Internship program. Everyone on the team has done an outstanding job of demonstrating the level of dedication and commitment expected of an Earth Team intern.


In January, Antioch interns participated in various activities that included team building, professional development, environmental awareness, and STEM learning. Thanks to the leadership exhibited by all our returning interns, all team members are displaying greater confidence and ability to complete technical-based tasks. New interns were trained by their fellow Earth Team peers on how to complete litter assessments using NOAA’s Marine Debris Tracker App as well as how to conduct water quality tests at the Upper Sand Creek Basin. Together the team has been brainstorming potential research questions for a research project which will be presented at the annual GLOBE Student Research Symposium in April.


This semester interns will continue their data collection and restoration work at the Upper Sand Creek Basin in addition to working at the Antioch Dunes–a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Stay tuned to learn more about our new members and stay updated with all the exciting events coming up this semester in Antioch!


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