Arbor Day 2018: Richmond H.S. Tree Planting With Groundwork Richmond

If someone were to tell you that only a handful of youth directly made an impact on Richmond's air quality, you wood not believe it. On the 20th of October, Groundwork Richmond branched out to Earth Team and invited them to this hear's Arbor Day Tree Planting event.

Our primary objective – to plant 20 trees and assess several more along the Richmond  Greenway, for the benefit of the next generation of the Richmond community.

IMG_1874.jpg As with every successfully curated event, the hosts provided refreshments for the Arbor Day enthusiasts who woke early to be present that morning, including Richmond and Kennedy High School. Once bellies were full and hands filled with the compulsion to bring more life to the Richmond Greenway, Groundwork Richmond staff welcomed all and immediately got down to business; but first, tree planting tutorials were of first priority. Richmond interns Fernando and Ashly absorb all that they can on properly executing a tree planting.


Interns were excited for their first tree planting of the year. For Richmond intern Daphne, it was mulch madness! Every group of interns had various duties: digging the hole, priming the saplings, staking the wooden poles, watering, etc.


The day felt it flew by, but the work was no doubt physically demanding; however, that made the reward of seeing ~20 beautiful along the Richmond Greenway all the more satisfying! Richmond interns Guadalupe and Daphne are in congratulatory mode after a job well done.


The day was christened off by Richmond’s Mayor Tom Butt, who stopped by to say a few words, and those words were nothing but impactful; for he said the official Arbor Day Declaration, making the city of Richmond an official Arbor Day Site!

Special thanks to all community members who were right beside Earth Team in planting trees, residents who paused their morning family bike ride to help out, and Groundwork Richmond for curating and hosting one of many eventful tree plantings. Great job!

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