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Arroyo, Castro Valley, and San Lorenzo High School Team Up To Restore One of Hayward’s Recreational Parks

Arroyo, Castro Valley, and San Lorenzo interns spent their morning volunteering to restore Carlos Bee Park! Students at Earth Team expressed their concern over local issues such as air, litter, and water pollution. Carlos Bee park is a natural gem in Hayward’s community. Over the years, the park underwent much needed restoration. The efforts continued to this event aided in beautifying the area. In the first half of the event, the students worked on spreading mulch in the area requiring the most needed attention near the entrance. The interns split into two groups, tackling a mountain of mulch on opposite sides of the parking lot. Interns were able to get first-hand experience with community service and engagement by forming a camaraderie with other volunteers from different high schools. The image below show the interns shoveling a mound of mulch around the parking lot.

After two hours of hard work and persistence, both sides were able to spread both mounds of mulch around the parking lot! The volunteers and interns then took a well rested break at the bottom of the hill. Once everyone finished with their tasks, Jennifer Trevis from the Alameda County Water District performed a demo on water quality. The water Jennifer tested was a sample from the creek going through the park.

Special thanks to Hayward Area Recreation and Park District, Alameda County Water District, Alameda County Resource Conservation District!

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