Arroyo Designs Socks and Communicates a Love for Nature

Arroyo High Earth Team designs socks in partnership with Smartwool and Big City Mountaineers.

In early March, Arroyo High’s Earth Team, along with interns from the six other Earth Team programs, met with representatives from Smartwool about an exciting opportunity. The famous outdoor sock company has partnered with many nonprofit organizations in the past, and this time around they chose Big City Mountaineers, an Earth Team partner. 

The project was simple enough, have youth design socks that represent the spirit of Big City Mountaineer’s mission, then sell the socks as a fundraiser. Smartwool has partnered with other organizations in similar projects in the past, and the result has been cool limited run socks that help give back to important community organizations. 

One of the designs submitted by the team.

The team came up with several beautiful and interesting designs that somehow represented their love of nature as requested by Big City Mountaineers. The designs were sent to Big City Mountaineers team to select a winning design, which will be sent to Smartwool to be manufactured. This design will then be available for purchase to the general public in support of Big City Mountaineers mission. 

A design submitted by the team, titled “Fall in love with the beauty of nature.”

Check out some of the cool designs submitted by the team! Great job, Arroyo High Earth Team, keep up the good work! 

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