Arroyo Earth Team helps restore Don Castro

Arroyo Earth Team clears 800 square feet of invasive plant material to restore the slopes of Don Castro Park.
Arroyo interns work on clearing dead grass.

Arroyo interns spent an afternoon working at Don Castro Park. The interns were tasked with clearing invasive plants and tackled the project with great enthusiasm!

Interns work on the steep slopes of Don Castro.

Some parts of the restoration area are pretty steep, but this is no problem for the Arroyo interns! They took to the slopes with rakes in hand to clear debris to prepare for future planting.

Interns removed a total of 21 bags of plant material!

The Arroyo Earth Team removed a total of 21 bags of plant material from an area of roughly 800 square feet. The interns can’t wait to return to continue to make Don Castro Park a healthier, happier habitat.

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