Arroyo Earth Team returns to Don Castro

The Arroyo High Earth Team returns to Don Castro to help restore watershed habitats.

The Arroyo High Earth Team interns returned to Don Castro this month to continue habitat restoration work. The team focused on removing invasive plants and spreading mulch.

The interns were split into two groups. The first team worked to remove invasive plant material. They pulled nonnative grasses, pruned native plants and removed invasive vines.

The second team spread mulch in a newly weeded area. The interns learned that mulch stops the spread of nonnative plants and helps native plants retain water.

A worm found while removing invasive plants.

The interns worked in a salamander habitat and kept their eyes peeled for the slender amphibians. While the interns found no salamanders, they did find several worms! Worms are a critical member of the ecosystem – they break down organic matter such as leaves into the nutrients that plants can absorb.

The pile of invasive plant material the interns removed.

After an hour, the interns had cleared over 690 square feet of invasive material and spread mulch over an area of 96 square feet!

The Arroyo Earth Team interns after completing the day’s work.

Arroyo Earth Team interns look forward to returning to Don Castro next month to continue the restoration efforts!

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