Arroyo Earthteam Research Project Update

Using GLOBE protocols, the team will be researching the effects of changing humidity on cloud cover

During the month of February, Arroyo interns continued their work preparing for the upcoming GLOBE Student Research Symposium. The GLOBE SRS brings students from across the US in 5th-12th grades together to share the results of field investigations using GLOBE Program protocols or other data from the GLOBE database. This May, the SRS will be hosted virtually, and Arroyo’s team is planning on attending and presenting. This virtual setting will allow everyone on the Arroyo team to attend and interact with scientists from NASA an other organizations. 

As the event quickly approaches, interns have selected a research question and are completing preliminary data collection and analysis based on their hypothesis. The team will be tracking the effect humidity has on the clouds we see in California, and will use that data to make predictions about the impacts of Climate Change. 

The team is using the GLOBE Observer App to collect Cloud observations in their community and is compiling other data from all around the state to ensure they have a complete dataset that represents several of California’s distinct climates. Though making accurate predictions about future climate patterns is complex enough that many researchers have spent their entire careers researching just this, the team is confident that the specific analysis they are pursuing will yield some interesting results. 

Some of the data collected by the GLOBE Observer App

Stay tuned for more information about our research project as the Symposium approaches in the coming months.

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