Part1, C-1 Blurred Water

Arroyo High School Recap and Reflect on The First Semester with Earth Team!

With the end of the first semester coming to a close, Arroyo Earth Team reflected on the experiences and knowledge they have gained thus far! During this meeting, we spent our meeting testing the interns’ environmental knowledge. Interns split into groups and played environmental jeopardy. Each category in jeopardy covered environmental issues both locally and globally. Jeopardy was a great team building activity for the interns to actively engage on the content!

Once we had finished our session of Jeopardy, the interns took some time on reflecting on the past couple of months. Interns’ reflections included their progress so far. These included their personal, academic, and internship program progress thus far! Lastly, the interns shared about what they are excited about next semester and how to help the environment even more so.

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