Arroyo Interns Hike Around Don Castro Regional Park

Arroyo Earth Team interns have experienced their first nature walk in person this school year. On this trail, it loops around the lake of about 4 miles. The interns stopped and admired nature and its wildlife at certain points of the hike. The interns got a chance to walk through canopy covered trails with small streams of water flowing from the from the reservoir to the San Lorenzo Creek. In the beginning of the hike, interns experienced a small stream from the reservoir dropping down into a pond-like area to simulate a waterfall. Half-way through the hike, the group stopped in an area where there is plenty of shade and canopy coverage to begin nature journaling. Student drew what is in front of them and began thinking about what kind of species live in this habitat.

There were many different wildlife to see pictured down below. The students took some time to ask questions about different species of plants and animals. In addition, the interns learned about the water and where it flows towards. The students were able to see all kinds of wildlife that they do not see on a daily basis.

Stay tuned in for more nature and day hikes like these!

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