Arroyo’s Cloud Research Concludes

Arroyo High Earth Team completed their research project on the correlation between humidity and different cloud types in the Bay Area.

Completing a group research project without being able to meet in person presented some challenges, but this spring Arroyo High’s Earth Team successfully completed their research project for the Globe Student Research Symposium. This project focused on the correlations between the relative humidity percentage and the types of clouds present in the sky. 

Knowing they only had access to the tools they had at their homes, the team spent some time thinking about what they could research under these conditions. They decided to use their phones and their knowledge of cloud types to identify and log cloud observations in the GLOBE Observer app. 

A map of the observations the team used from the GLOBE Observer app. The team analyzed data from over 2000 observations!

After collecting and compiling their data, the team analyzed their observations. They supplemented their observations with additional observations they downloaded from the GLOBE Observer App collected by other citizen scientists in the Bay Area. The data was inconclusive, and though some cloud types had slight correlations with humidity, none had correlations that were considered statistically significant. 

The team’s graph of monthly average relative humidity vs the proportion of observations that saw stratus clouds.

The team will be presenting their research to professional scientists at the GLOBE Student Research Symposium tomorrow, May 1st. 

Great job, team!

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