Big City Mountaineers x Earth Team Mt Tamalpais Day Hike

Earth Team interns from across 8 different schools went on a day hike to Dipsea Trail in Mt Tamalpais, led by Big City Mountaineers.

In late May, Earth Team interns had the opportunity to visit Mount Tamalpais and hike 6 miles of the Dipsea Trail, beginning their hike in the early morning marine layer fog dispersed through the Redwoods, and hiking to the coast to see the Pacific Ocean. 

Interns started the day by making sandwiches and packing their day bags with snacks and plenty of water for the full day. 9 students led by 2 Big City Mountaineer (BCM) leaders and 1 Earth Team Campus Coordinator, set off on the trail, encountering muddy trails, rock stairs, and ladders along the way. This was the first time visiting Mt Tamalpais for all but two interns, and many were amazed to find out such a stunning place existed just across the Bay from where they lived. Around lunch, the group dispersed along the creek in the valley to have some solo time reflecting on their experience and the new people they met. Hiking out of the valley proved to be a steep trek but all interns were happy to do it since the trail going up was the most beautiful. 

This group that participated in the Mt Tamalpais day hike are participating in a 3 part series with BCM, this day hike being the first of three outdoor adventures this summer. The same group will go on to participate in an overnight camping trip where they will get acquainted with camping gear and spending the night outdoors. This will then prepare them for the final part of the series: the 5 day backpacking expedition. During their backpacking trip, these interns will learn about outdoor leadership in the backcountry and how they can go on to plan their own backpacking trips in the future. This series is meant to prepare interns for a continued future in outdoor adventures, and maybe one day, the opportunity to lead their own backcountry expeditions. 

Many thanks to Big City Mountaineers for helping Earth Team put on this expedition. Stay tuned to here more about the BCM x Earth Team Outdoor Expedition Series this summer! 

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