Bodega Bay Overnight Camping Trip

This past weekend, students from Richmond High School, Pinole Valley High School, and Berkeley High School traveled to Bodega Bay for a weekend camping trip. Upon arrival, Earth Team interns visited the UC Davis-Bodega Marine Laboratory where Ellie Fairbairn, the Academic Administrator, gave students an incredible tour of the facilities. Students learned about the restoration efforts, research, and project to reintroduce an endangered species known as the Abalone Snail, an important species to Indigenous communities in the area. Students also saw seals and baby seals on the beach and the laboratory’s cove throughout the day and were able to touch starfish, snails, and observe different species’ behavior patterns. Graduate students from the UC Davis Graduate Program participated in a panel to discuss their journey and their research as well.

After leaving the Marine Science Laboratory, students got to their campground and began to set up camp! They explored the beach, played uno and Jenga, and made fun of their trip leads 🙂 Students also made their own dinner (Tacos!!!), campfire, and s’mores for the evening after finishing setting up their tents.

Students also participated in a reflection activity before they made s’mores to understand the land we were on, the indigenous communities who have been stewards of the land since before colonization, and their own takeaways from the trip thus far. These Earth Team interns had their own reflection alter in the night as they bonded and discussed their experiences with Earth Team throughout the year and anything else they wanted to discuss (no trip leads present).

After getting a good nights sleep in their tents, students woke up bright and early to eat oatmeal and bagels! They then packed up their campsite, leaving no trace, and headed to Bodega Bay Beach Trailhead where they explored the beach bluffs and cliffs, saw more seals, a deer skeleton (oy), and enjoyed lunch on the beach after the amazing hike.

But don’t just take it from me, see what the students had to say about the trip themselves!

Enrique Carreno Castro: I liked that the trip let us be able to connect with other members who were a part of earth team but weren’t a part of our schools.

Jordan Lakthanasouk Lewis: We think a flower on a cliff is beautiful because we stop our feet at the cliff’s edge, unable to step out into the sky like that fearless flower.

Natalie Szumlas: I liked being able to fully immerse myself in nature and not interact with my technology constantly but instead those around me. I appreciated all of the bonds I made on this short but meaningful trip.

Amina Carradine: This trip was a great opportunity to fully be connected with nature without distractions, it also helped connections with other interns grow and was a overall fun experience that made me appreciate nature even more.

Caroline Arreola: I really loved the educational opportunities that earth team allowed us to experience, but also the friendships we all got to make in such a short time span. It was honestly fun and something I would do again.

Steven Denherder: This trip was really fun, and it was really cool to see the marine life, and make close friends is such a short amount of time. The beach was also really cool, and the tings we did were super fun.

A big Thank you to JV Long, the State Coastal Conservancy, and the California Natural Resources Agency for their continued support to make these trips and experiences possible.

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