Castro Valley Earth Team is Moving Online

The team remains determined to make a positive change

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has altered the course of the year for Castro Valley High’s Sustainable Watersheds Earth Team. The closure of CVUSD and the cessation of in-person meetings led to the cancellation of many fun and impactful projects, but the team is as passionate about making a positive change as ever. 

The team had planned to assist with habitat restoration at Alameda National Wildlife Refuge in March and April, and the team was disappointed to hear of the cancellation. The team also had to cancel their litter campaign at Castro Valley High, though that will resume once schools reopen. In the meantime, the team has transitioned to online meetings to continue to make a change in their communities. 

Practicing sorting waste, with a special guest appearance from Jaelyn’s sister.

The team’s first online meeting covered scientific storytelling, followed by at-home waste audits last week. They are focused on reducing the waste produced in their homes, and will be discussing energy efficiency, their carbon footprints, and sustainable diets in the coming weeks. They are excited to be able to continue to learn and make a positive change from the safety of their homes. 

Earth Team will continue to host online meetings until schools reopen. Stay tuned here for more updates from the Castro Valley Sustainable Watersheds Team!

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