Castro Valley High Finishes Fall Semester

Castro Valley finishes a busy Fall Semester with Earth Team

After a semester of 100% virtual instruction, Castro Valley interns are ready and deserving for rest and relaxation this winter break.

At our last meeting of the year, interns shared some of their highlights from the semester. The team is overall grateful for the opportunity to have something to do to stay busy and social through months of distance learning. Interns specifically raved about how much they enjoyed doing virtual activities and hearing from guest speakers. Amidst the ups and downs this year has brought, our students have proven to us once again how incredibly resilient, passionate, and dedicated they are to protecting the environment.

How Castro Valley interns describe Earth Team.

See what Castro Valley interns had to say:

I learned a lot. I learned that even though my family lives pretty reserved in electricity and gas, we would still need to have a lot of Earth’s if everyone lived like us.
Dominic, Castro Valley Earth Team

I liked meeting new people and learning new things, Earth Team meetings are always such fun.
Castro Valley Intern

I enjoyed the guest speakers and virtual Saturday events. I learned about various professions relating to environmental science as well as some impacts of global warming like coral bleaching
Jaelyn, Castro Valley Earth Team

Our meetings this semester happened weekly over Zoom. Interns learned about a myriad of environmental topics including wildfires, indigenous ecology and history, food industries impact on climate change, carbon footprints, and environmental racism/justice. Interns also heard from professionals working in environmental and sustainable focused careers.

Additionally, Castro Valley interns participated in individual litter clean ups throughout the East Bay. Throughout the fall semester, Castro Valley Earth Team has clean up almost 300 pieces of litter. Interns also practiced research skills through working on Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) surveys and waste audits.

Each month Earth Team staff hosted a virtual weekend event where interns across the entire Earth Team program were able to meet, hear from guest speakers, and participate in workshops. Earth Team interns learned about preparing for careers in Environmental Science, applying to college and financial aid, and developing STEM research projects.

We’re excited for what’s to come from the Castro Valley team in the new year!

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