Castro Valley Intern Perspective on the Adopt 3 Bins Project!

Intern Sophia Chan writes about her experience participating in the year long Adopt 3 Bins project

Adopt 3 Bins is a community outreach project that Castro Valley High Earth Team Interns created. We provided over 100 recycling and compost (at-home) bins to families in Alameda County. In return, we received valuable information on their waste-sorting at home. Here is what we learned and the memories we made along the way.

With this project, we gave free compost and recycling bins to our community and educated them on proper waste-sorting practices. We hoped this would encourage the diversion of unnecessary waste from landfill bins to compost and recycling bins. 

Our project started as weekly waste audits/forms sent to volunteering families across Alameda County. We would table at the Castro Valley Farmer’s Market and advertise our project in multiple stores. As a result, many weren’t interested in participating because of the workload, even with opportunities to receive prizes.

Ultimately, we decided to change our project. While we tabled at Castro Valley Farmer’s Market, we gave out free compost and recycling at-home bins to interested families. We also provided flyers that included a guide about sorting waste. In return, the families took a quick survey. The survey asked how they sorted waste at home and how our project helped them improve their habits. 

Doing this project with the other interns has been a great experience.  This project has changed me for the better. I gained more confidence in my public speaking and persuasive skills. It has given me great insight into proper waste sorting. With trial and error, I am pleased with the results. We reached our goal of educating our community and gaining information on how they sort waste at home. I made friends and met unique people along the way. In the future, I will continue to promote proper waste management and create a healthier environment for our community.

-Sophia Chan, Sophomore Earth Team Castro Valley Intern

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