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Castro Valley Presents their SITA Project

Castro Valley presents their final research and data to other Earth Team interns last week

After months of research, presentation development and practice, Castro Valley interns presented their Something in the Air (SITA) and Climate Risk Assessment project to fellow Earth Team interns. Pictured below are the research questions Castro Valley interns developed for their project:

The goals of this SITA and Climate Risk Assessment project are to:

  • Address and communicate air pollution, waste and transportation’s impact on human health
  • Support local capacity to respond to climate change impacts
  • Increase participation in environmental decision making and sustainability
  • Reduce risks and vulnerabilities and
  • Develop specific Climate Hazards Action Plans for each high school and district

While researching their project in breakout teams, interns developed a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) survey last semester and sent it to over 700 students at Castro Valley High. This survey was used to better understand student’s transportation habits and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted those habits. Interns also researched zero-waste cafes compared to big-chain cafes, air quality, and transportation in the Bay Area.

Interns took their research, air quality data, VMT surveys and waste audits and put the combined information into a presentation to share. Here are some highlights and reflections from the interns about this project:

“It was interesting getting to look into places I wouldn’t have looked into I didn’t know our district even had a climate plan”


I learned that “sustainability should be easy but because of our society it’s not easy and it’s cheaper to not be sustainable. It’s just not out there. You got to put an effort in.”


“It makes you really want to do something. I want to look for things that I can do, like if I have a to-go soft drink is there a way I should be able to bring my own cup for that?”


The Castro Valley team did fantastic work on this project! We hope they continue their curiosity in sustainable practices after this semester as well.

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