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Castro Valley Works on Their Professional Development

It's been a busy month for Castro Valley interns

While the Castro Valley team continued to work their ongoing SITA project this month, they also learned about Pollution and Watershed Health, played a fun and competitive game of Earth Team Jeopardy, and focused on their professional development.

The EarthTeam Jeopardy. Available for everyone, not just EarthTeam interns: https://jeopardylabs.com/play/earthteam-jeopardy-20-21

Professional Development on the Weekend

Earth Team Interns attended a weekend workshop, where Earth Team staff talked about a variety of professional development topics. Topics ranging from resume building to applying for jobs. The interns were then given the option between two breakout rooms, one where they could build or edit their resume and another where they could practice job searching and writing a cover letter.

Professional Development all day, everyday

Castro Valley’s brainstorm on Dos and Don’ts in Interviews

Continuing on the professional development momentum, following our weekend workshop, Castro Valley Interns discussed their dream jobs, brainstormed “Dos and Don’ts in Interviews” and participated in mock interviews with their fellow team members. Below are dream future jobs for a few of our interns:

Something computer science related

– Jaelyn

Plant research or biology research

– Ivan

Maybe something with animals

– Orian

I’m interested in becoming a PA or health care administration

– Alina

These are potential career paths that just a few Castro Valley interns want to pursue. There are also interests in acting, engineering, medicine and much more. I can’t wait to see what else these awesome interns bring to Earth Team meetings in the next months to come!

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