Celebrating Earth Team’s NOAA BWET Grant Award!

We are thrilled to announce that Earth Team, a dedicated nonprofit committed to environmental education and action, has been awarded the prestigious NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training (BWET) grant! This recognition and support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a testament to Earth Team’s impactful work in fostering environmental stewardship among youth.

The BWET grant is designed to support programs that provide hands-on, place-based environmental education to K-12 students and teachers. With this funding, Earth Team will be able to expand its reach and enhance its innovative programs that connect students with the natural world, develop their understanding of local watersheds, and inspire them to take action for a sustainable future.

For over two decades, Earth Team has been at the forefront of empowering young people to become environmental leaders. This grant will enable us to deepen our engagement with communities, providing more students with the opportunity to participate in immersive environmental education experiences. By fostering a connection to nature and promoting scientific literacy, we are helping to cultivate the next generation of environmental advocates and problem-solvers.

We are incredibly grateful to NOAA for this generous grant and for their commitment to environmental education. This support will not only strengthen our existing programs but also allow us to explore new initiatives and partnerships that will further our mission.

Thank you to our dedicated staff, volunteers, partners, and the amazing students who inspire us every day. Together, we are making a difference in our communities and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on our exciting projects and the positive impact we are set to achieve with the help of the BWET grant!

Let’s continue to work together towards a healthier, more sustainable planet. Here’s to a bright and green future with Earth Team and NOAA!

For more information on Earth Team and our programs, visit To learn more about the NOAA BWET grant, check out NOAA BWET.

Together, we can make a difference!

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