Coastal Clean Up Day of 2023

Richmond Earth Team interns kicked off the year with an amazing Coastal Clean Up Day, hosted by the Watershed Project at Shimada Friendship Park at the marina. Students, along with other volunteers from the community, collected litter along the bay, learning the importance of waste sorting and removing trash from various sites. As a whole, Richmond interns collected twelve pounds of trash and participated in a treasure hunt for the coolest find. Check out our awesome interns below and stay tuned for more fun throughout the year!

Students embarking on their litter clean up journey, the first of the year, enjoying the awesome views the marina has to offer!

Returning Earth Team power couple on our left here and on our right the students measuring their trash, seeing all their success become quantified!

Thanks to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the CSP Community grants, this year students will be completing a variety of clean ups, restoration events, and participating in fun outdoor recreational activities!

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