CVH diving deep into exhibit building, inspired by a Berkeley Startup

CVH building an interactive transportation exhibit on the topic of transportation! Inspired by the start-up Museum of Tomorrow.

With climate change being a daunting issue, students are starting to feel paralyzed and hopeless about the massive topic. That is why Castro Valley students are diving into building a fun, interactive exhibit that describes the problem on transportation and its emissions, and further provides a feasible solution!

The exhibit is inspired by the Museum of Tomorrow, a sustainability pop-up museum based in Berkeley. Castro Valley and Richmond High interns have a chance to place their exhibits in the next showcase, scheduled from Feb-May, 2020 located in the David Brower Center.

On top of that, interns get the chance to present their interactive exhibit at the Youth for Environment and Sustainability Conference in March. Before then, the interns have been collecting data on CVH student transportation habits. The data provides the necessary understanding of existing behavior in order to address a problem.

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